Tubing on the James!

Departure Address: James River Reeling & Rafting, 265 Ferry St, Scottsville, VA 24590Map

Coordinates: 37.7986472,-78.4935602 Map

Parking: James River Reeling & RaftingMap

Total Distance: 6 miles

Food and Drinks: Valley Street EateriesMap

If it is summer (check the calendar!) it is that time of year again. Let's go tubing! Grab your sunscreen and spend a lazy summer afternoon floating down the James.

This is a very lazy adventure as all you need to do is sit back in a tube and watch the world go by. You will be on the river for 2-5 hours depending on the speed of the water. It is average last time on most days for a float on the James River.

Go early to avoid the crowds from James River Runners and James River Reeling and Rafting.

You should have a cooler available for your lunch and beverages. You need to bring:

It is easier to put your lunch and beverages in the group cooler. Bring cheap sunglasses as the river has claimed many a pair over the years. If you have a dry bag you may want to bring it.

Your river shoes need to be able to stay on you feet securely and comfortably for the entire ride. They should also cover your entire foot as there are lots of rocks (and possibly glass) in the river. We have had lots of stubbed toes and scrapped feet on these trips. Old tennis shoes work best.

Don't forget your towel for the end, other wise you may be riding outside the car instead of in it.

There is a new frozen yogurt store in Scottsville. You may stop there on the way back.

James River Runners charge $23 per tube ($8 for a cooler tube).

NOTICE: This adventure is always weather and river level dependent - if the river is too high, the trip will be cancelled. Chech the weater and water levels a day before the trip and decide if it is a "go" or "no go". Or call either James River Runners or James River Reeling and Rafting.

Recommended Gear: Inflatable Water Tube, Water Sport Aqua Shoes, Dry-touch Sunscreen, Performance Cooler

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