Charlottesville Downtown: Historic (and Contemporary) Arhitecture

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I think I will have to cut this tour shorter than others because I have yet harnessed power over the sun. I am currently working on it and soon victory will be mine. Don't worry, I will still cover the major points but I may just finish at Court Square and not continue on to South Street. This will likely be the last downtown tour for the year but hopefully they will come back in the spring. You are welcome to join this tour even if you have not done the UVA tour. I'm willing to expand the group size in case you are waitlisted. This one is fun because it focuses entirely on the design concepts around the downtown area. We start in front of the ice rink, walk down the mall a way, turn up towards Jefferson Street, head over to Courthouse Square, come back to the mall, head towards the Water Street Garage / South Street Brewery area. Along the way I will be pointing out architectural features of buildings and spaces and taking questions I probably do not know the answers to. It should last about two hours and distance is a little under two miles. You will be on your feet the whole time. For those who don't know me, for conversation purposes I am an architect working here in town and the tour is based on an architect's perspective.

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