Picnic at Lambeth Colonnades

Address: University Way, Charlottesville, VA 22904Map

Coordinates: 38.0415262,-78.5023957 Map

Parking: Try Gordon Ave and Grady Ave Street ParkingMap

Food and Drinks: The UVa Corner Restaurants and Delis, Barracks Rd Hariss Teeter

Want to picnic in a truly unique setting? The UVa Lambeth Colonnades is an ideal place to up your picnicking game. Long before the advent of big money college sports, the Colonnades is where U.Va. students cheered on the football team. Similar to the amphitheaters of antiquity, the semi-circular structure provides ample room to comfortably spread out and enjoy the scenery while stirring up a little fondue fun.

Yes, you read that right: fondue. Nowadays there are so many simple fondue sets to choose from. An ideal picnic backpack makes it easy to tote your set around. This style provides ample space for your camping stove, napkins, plates, silverware. If you are new to fondue, this cookbook will launch you into gourmet mode just like that and will surely help you create a memorable picnic that’s sure to impress.

After enjoying your warm and delicious fare, your options are many: kick back and relax on the wide and ample levels or break out the kite, frisbee, or football to play in the field below. Whichever you choose, enjoy this setting which has always been suited to fun and relaxation.

What you might use: Large Picnic Basket, Small Fondue Set, Ultra-light Camping Stove

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