Schuyler Quary Rock Picnic

Departure Address: Schyler Rd/Quarry Hill Ln/Rt 808Map

Coordinates: 37.795968,-78.6936741 Map

Parking: Off Schyler RdMap

Total Distance: 25 miles from Charlottesville

Food and Drinks: Dr Ho's Humble PieMap

Believe me, the Schuyler Quarry Rock is a unique place to have a picnic. Take a buddy, group of friends, invite a romantic date, bring your dog, and the reaction will be "whaoh!" (or aw, aw ;8-) You might get hooked!

Now you are asking "quarry"?, "rock?", "quarry rock" in Schuyler? What is all that about? Check it out on google maps, the geo-location of the "graffiti" quarry is given above. You can count ten quarries on the map, all within 1,000 feet from the Schyler Rd/Quarry Hill Ln point, but none of the are visible from the road. Park to the side Schuyler Rd (there is a dirt area just north of Rt 808, big enough for ten or so cars) and walk up the hill. Take a picnic blanket and picnic bag with you. Surprise!

If you want to take a dip, going from late April up until the end of September would be ideal. You can either try to impress your friends and jump off the top of the rock the choices are 15 feet jump or (breath-taking) 25 feet jump! You can also just walk around the quarry and get into water at the ground level. Quarry water is warmer than any flowing swimming hole water. Some scuba diving cerification schools in Central Virginia use this quarry for practice portion of the exam.

Background: the quarries are located in Schuyler, VA, which is about 30-35 minutes south of Charlottesvilleille down Route 29. They were dug by and located near the Alberene Soapstone Company, which is is no longer active, but can still be located on Google Maps. If you look at the satellite view, you can pretty easily see where the quarries are located along Schuyler Rd.

To get there is pretty simple: Take 29 south for about 25-30 minutes, then turn left onto Irish Rd. Follow that for a few miles, then turn right onto Schuyler Rd. After a few minutes, you'll see Gold Mine Ln on your right hand side: turn onto it and park along the side of the road.

Now, some of other quarries are somewhat difficult to reach, some don't really have any good spots to jump from, and some are located virtually in some peoples' back yards, so you'll probably avoid those. One of the easiest to access is the triagle-shaped one located almost right across the street from the intersection of Schuyler Rd and Gold Mine Ln. The highest jump there is about 25-30 feet (a rough estimation from someone who hasn't done this for a few years), but there are shorter places to jump from as well if you want to work your courage up.

Some of the other popular ones are located to the east of that first quarry. Walk up Schuyler Rd a ways, then go right onto Quarry Hill Ln where it branches off. There is a makeshift path through the woods (though it can be somewhat hard to find) that takes you to a series of roughly square-shaped quarries, where you can jump from much higher heights (probably approaching 60 ft). You'll be able to spot the one that's most popular, as it will be the easiest to reach and will have the most graffiti. As well, someone has rigged a rope to help divers climb out of the water and make their way back to the jump spot (though perhaps that might be gone now).

Gear: Small Picnic Basket, Picnic Blanket, Insulated Growler, Kingii Wearable

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