Virginia Creeper Bike Trail

Departure Address: Map

Coordinates: 36.6348404, -81.7918187 Map

Parking: Downtown DamascusMap

Total Distance: 34.5 miles total

Food and Drinks: DamascusMap

Here is a description from Adventure Damascus website --- “Come take a leisurely trek down the Virginia Creeper Trail and enjoy possibly the easiest, prettiest mountain bike ride you will ever encounter. This trail, which is actually the "retired" railway corridor of the Virginia - Carolina Railroad, has become one of the most popular bicycling trail destinations in the eastern United States. With its gently descending grade and well-groomed surface, lending itself perfectly to downhill adventures, the Virginia Creeper Trail is an attractive mountain-bike ride for cyclists of diverse abilities.” Check out their site for photos, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

You should do the trail in two parts. First day you can cover the 17 mile section from Whitetop Station (elev. 3500 ft) to Damascus (elev. 1910 ft). It’s almost all downhill, flattening out a bit for the last three miles, with beautiful scenic views that we’ll stop now and then to enjoy. If you are doing the ride in the fall you'll catch some beautiful foliage!

The night you can stay at the Virginia Creeper Trail Hostel. Nothing fancy but there is a shower and bathroom. There is also a fire pit nearby where you can make dinner and of course some s’mores for dessert.

Next morning, you can ride the relatively easy and mostly flat Abingdon to Damascus section. “This portion of the trail meanders through the ‘ridge and valley’ section of Virginia typified by wide valleys separated by sandstone mountain ridges.”

Please bring: bike/helmet (can be rented), water, snacks, sleeping bag (club can provide), towel & soap for shower, non-cotton clothing that can be layered as needed, snacks, mug for hot chocolate, and ca$h for lunch on two days (or pack your own).

Recommended Gear: Isolated Water Bottle, Cycling Backpack, First Aid Kit.

Recommended Meetups and Other Groups: Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club

Recommended Books: Falcon Mountain Bike Virginia, Mountain Bike! Virginia, Backroad Bicycling in the Blue Ridge.

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