Graves Mountain Bike Ride

Departure Address: 3626 Old Blue Ridge Turnpike, Syria, VA 22743Map

Coordinates: 38.4880245,-78.3427203, Map

Parking: 3626 Old Blue Ridge TurnpikeMap

Total Distance: 10-20 miles

Food and Drinks: At the Lodge: 3626 Old Blue Ridge Turnpike, Syria, VA 22743Map

Go for a casual bike ride along a beautiful stretch of rural roads in nearby Madison County. The plan is to bike for a couple of hours along a relatively flat section of a couple of rural roads in the vicinity of Syria, VA and Graves Mountain Lodge. During the bike ride, you will be treated to spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful, meandering valley streams, pastural meadows with blooming wildflowers, and the solitude that only a rural place like Madison County can provide.

Please note that all roads to be traversed are paved. Several of these paved roads do not have center, traffic lines. And speaking of vehicular traffic, there is very little.

The overall bike distance should depend on your conditioning, probably between 10 to 20 miles. Print a map of the area so that you can see the various roads that can be biked.

After a nice, relaxing bike ride you can head to a nearby winery for a tasting. And if you prefer to not do the tasting, I would recommend that you go just to see the beautiful landscape that the winery resides on. The winery is nearby to the area where you will be for your bike ride - within a 10 minute drive. The winery is Ducard. And here is a web link for the winery.

Check that a pending weather forecast for the day of this adventure is good for being outdoors and getting some exercise.

Recommended Gear: Isolated Water Bottle, Cycling Backpack, First Aid Kit.

Meetups and Other Groups: Charlottesville Bicycle Club

Recommended Books: Falcon Road Biking Virginia, A Guide to Road Cycling in Central Virginia, Backroad Bicycling in the Blue Ridge.

Recommended Websites: Fall Foliage Prediction Map

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