Ridge Road Bike Ride in Western Albemarle

Departure Address: Ridge Rd (Rt 686) at Garth Rd (Rt 614)Map

Coordinates: 38.1035748,-78.599345 Map

Parking: Ridge Rd (Rt 686) at Garth Rd (Rt 614)Map

Total Distance: 7 miles

Food and Drinks: Hunt Country StoreMap

If you google "Charlotesville Ridge Road" the first item in the list will probably be "The Daily Run: The best places to run in Charlottesville". But where ever you can run, you can bike too ;8-) So we are saying that Ridge Road is one of the best places to take your bike in Albemarle.

The road is considered to be one of the most beautiful and serene roads in Albemarle. This rolling four mile gravel road (eight miles out and back round trip) is eight miles west of town just off Garth Road at Route 678. Park off of Garth Road (on the right hand side of Ridge Rd - you will probably not be alone. Respect the residents along the Ridge - no unleashed dogs!

First check the weather forecast for Charlottesville - sunny with temperatures in mid-sixties is ideal. Then, if you want some exercise go for an easy mountain bike ride on the Ridge Road. This is a scenic ride along a gravel road in Western Albemarle (off Garth Rd.) that is used mostly by walkers, joggers, and bikers ... with the occasional automobile slowly traveling by.

You can ride out and back for a total of 7 miles of mild to medium hills. 1 1/2 hours will give us more than ample time to take it slowly if we need to. This ride is for all levels of riders, but be aware that this is a gravel road so appropriate tires are recommended (mountain or hybrid). Also, helmets are recommended, and everyone should carry a water bottle.

If 8 mile ride is short of a complete exercise for you, you can cautiously cross over Garth Road and follow Decca Lane to Meriwether Lewis Elementary School to add another two miles (four more miles round trip). This section is hillier than the Ridge Road portion and will strain your muscles!

On the way back to Charlottesville you could stop at the Hunt Country Store for a drink or snacks ... always yummy :)

Recommended Gear:

Isolated Water Bottle, Cycling Backpack, First Aid Kit.

Recommended Meetups and Other Groups:

Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club

Recommended Books:

Falcon Mountain Bike Virginia, Mountain Bike! Virginia, Backroad Bicycling in the Blue Ridge.

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