Bike Bellair Loop

Departure Address: Market at BelairMap

Coordinates: 38.0503241,-78.5294251 Map

Parking: Market at BelairMap

Total Distance/Difficulty: 10 miles/45 minutes, easy

Food and Drinks: Market at BellairMap

Bellair Community is located directly west of Charlottesville City limits, off scenic Route 250 and is mere 3.5 miles from the University of Virginia. This established Ivy neighborhood features homes built mainly from the 1960s to the 1980s. With architectural styles ranging from Brick Colonials to Ranchers to Dutch Colonials, Bellair offers the serenity of country living close to town.

The houses are lined up along Cantebury Road (Rt 809) and Old Farm Road (Rt 846) that run parallel to each other, forming the 2.5 mile long ellipse. Typical lots are one to two acres. The Bellair Lane splits the ellipse in half in the middle, at the site of the pond.

For this biking outing, we suggest you park at the Bellair Market, just off Rt. 250 at the Cantebury Rd stop light. If you want to do about 10 mile ride, circe the Bellair neigbourhood 4-5 time at the leasury pace. Enjoy the scenery, watch Canadian geese at the pond, and check out the well appointed homes.

If you are in the market for a house in Charlottesville, in Bellair you might easily find something you will fall in love with. Prices range from $200k for empty lots, up to $2M for a house. Some elevated lots have great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west: sunsets are often spectacular.

After the ride, you can stop at Bellair market deli and pick up some picnic food.

If you want to stay home though, you can also try CycleOps Silencer for a fun experience. You can have buddies all over the world join you for a ride. Really.

Gear: LED Bike Light Set, Bell Air Hight Volume Pump, Cycling Rain Poncho

Books and Videos: NestTV: Bellair Community,

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